A N G E L A   S A N D E R S    PHONE +41 43 817 2606   MAIL ajade@gmx.ch


Social and Visual Anthropologist studied at the Universities of Zurich and Edinburgh and graduated with a Master of Art in Public Sphere (MAPS) at the University of the Arts Lucerne.

Currently working on her PhD „Roots becoming Routes: mobility, place and transnational social spaces between the Americas and Switzerland“ at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM) Neuchâtel.

The main focus of her research is transnational migration and mobility, processes of globalization and their impacts on the living and working conditions of human beings. Her academic fieldwork is often accompanied by reflexive ethnographic video essays such as Domestic Scapes(2004), Europlex(2003), Contested Space(2007) or Amazing Europe(2008).

Next to her academic activities Angela Sanders worked as a project manager for Vitamin B, a project for migrants supporting their professional and educational integration in Switzerland, and a graphic designer and videomaker for the theatre company Kolypan.

videostills Domestic Scapes